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I have so many pots in my garden. I know that the space become smaller, smaller, and smaller day by day. But, my friend left me two bottle when he came to my house. So, I have an idea. It called Hanging Garden - Small Space. It seems like a cliche, but I love it.

So, check this out.

Step 1: You Need

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Bottle (I have two glass bottles)



Plant (I choose mint and lucky bamboo. All of it can grow in the water)


Step 2: Tie

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Tie the string around the bottle neck. Tie it for 2-3 times.

Step 3: Cut

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Cut the string like this.

Step 4: Cut Again

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For make it hanging, cut the string for 30-60cm. It depends on you.

Step 5: Fill

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Fill the bottle with water.

Step 6: Mint

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I have it in my garden. I cut it for about 10cm.

Step 7: Cut Again Again

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Cut all of the leaves, except the upper ones.

Step 8: Put the Mint

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Put the mint into the bottle.

Step 9: Hang!

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Hang it! Hang it! Hang! Hang!

Step 10: Lucky Bamboo

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For the lucky bamboo, you just need to cut it and put it into the bottle of water. It's rooting by itself.

Step 11: Tadaa!

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Tadaaa! Now you have your own hanging garden.
It's easy, small-space needed, and you don't need to water it everyday!

Step 12: Thank You

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Thank you for coming to my garden! Bye


joen (author)2016-08-16

Nice. However, If you intend to keep it out there for a while or add some hydroponic nutrient you will have to cover the bottle or paint it so that it doesn't grow moss or algae. As a rule, nutrient plus light equals algae. Still I like that you are thinking of using something creatively that you might otherwise throw away.

LynnM98 (author)joen2016-08-19

the bottles are coloured glass would it still have to be painted?

joen (author)LynnM982016-08-19

Photosynthesis requires red and blue light. That is why leaves and algae are green. So you have to block out the red and blue light at minimum to stop photosynthesis. When I had my hydroponic plants growing, blocking the light from the nutrient solution was one of my biggest headaches. I was using clear plastic containers which were painted to block out the light. The slightest pin prick or a painted area that wasn't thick enough to block out ALL the sunlight allowed algae to grow. Eventually I switched to tin cans with plastic liners. That's been my experience..

balsuryana (author)joen2016-08-16

oh, thank you Joen for your information and suggestions. It really helps us to make it grow better. thank you

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