Hanging Indoor Herb Garden





Introduction: Hanging Indoor Herb Garden

Create an indoor herb wall to pick fresh greens for all your meals. This is incredibly simple and insanely gratifying.

Step 1: Buy Your Materials

The hardware is all from Ikea's Fintorp kitchen hanging system.

9 Fintorp flatware buckets (has pre-drilled holes in the bottom) : $3.99/ea

9 packets of 4" Fintorp hooks : $2.99/pack of 2

3 Fintorp rails: $9.99/ea

Dry Erase Decals : $9.00 on Amazon

(www.amazon.com/Wallies-Stick-Erase-Decal-Squares/dp/B001KPGKYY-Removable & Reusable)

- I cut my in strips to protect the wall behind the buckets

-Great way to label your herbs & write notes about watering times/days and harvesting schedule

Step 2: Install

1. Hang your rods according to packet instructions

-Thread 6 hooks onto each rod

2. Cut & add dry erase decals

3. Add herbs to pots

4. Hang pots on rods

-2 hooks per pot

Step 3: ENJOY!

Label your herbs with dry erase marker

Water weekly and enjoy :)



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    10 Discussions

    Could you maybe make your own parts? also, try painting the buckets with chalkboard paint and use that to label the plants = )

    1 reply

    BTW try adding a different link for the whiteboard thing, it does not work anymore( i even tried copy/pasting the link, try this one: http://www.amazon.com/Fancy-fix-Whiteboard-Decals-Marker-Eraser/dp/B00HMXT0HC )

    Do you run into any problems with drainage? Are there holes in the bottom of buckets to allow drainage, or do you run into mold growth?

    Question, it looks as if you put this on a wall in your house. Could you attach it to a board?

    This looks sharp!! Might be nice in my new office with shade plants!

    So great! I also just added a grow light to mine. Wanna make sure my babes get to all the rays they need