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Women have tons of jewelry.  If you're like me, you have so much it ends up a mangled mess you don't know how to organize without it getting tangled or lost. This is a little wood working instructable that will show you how to make your own hanging jewelry box. 

You can use all kinds of hardware to build this. I used drawer pulls for dangling earrings, command hooks for necklaces and rings and circuit boards to hold stud earrings.

You can customize this box to your needs.  I hope this helps as at least a guide in making your hanging jewelry box.

Step 1: Raid the Hardware Store

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Material used:

3/4" plywood cabinet shelf 16 " X  21" 
Pretty printed paper of the same size
1/2 x 2 1/2" boards
cabinet pull handles
cabinet hinges 
Perforated circuit boards 
command decoration hooks
school glue
metallic spray paint
picture hanging hardware


chop saw
sand paper
masking tape
measuring tape

Step 2: Decoupage

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Use mod-podge or a wood and water mixture 1:1  to decoupage on your printed sheet of paper. Lightly run a ruler edge against the paper to try and push out bumps. Sometimes, you have to lift and resmooth areas to get them to not bubble up.

Now, is a good time to spray paint your perforated circuit boards gold. 

Step 3: Drill

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Let your paper dry completely. 

Then flip your board over and drill holes for your pull handles. 
A neat trick is to use a piece of tape to measure out the spacing of the holes then remove and transfer to the board. 
I spaced mine 2 1/4" from the edge. 

Keep in mind placement and hardware used  can be customized. 

Place your handles and screw them in.

Step 4: Place Mounting Hardware

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While you've got it flipped around, go ahead and put on your mounting hardware. 

Step 5: Hinges

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Use cabinet hinges that are a little tight but not the ones with the springs.

Cut some blocks of wood to fit under your hinge a little so it brings it out from the plywood a little. 

Predrill pilot holes in to these blocks then put a screw through the hinge block and then the plywood. I used about a 1" screw. 

Then super glue the perforated circuit board under the hinge. 

I adorned the front of the hinge with some plastic jewels. 

Step 6: Boards

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You will need to cut your 1/2"  x 2 1/2"  to box out the ply wood.

Use pilot holes and then screw them onto the edges of the plywood. 

Step 7: Necklace and Ring Hooks

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Use the tiny clear command hooks to place along the top edge of the box for hanging necklaces and rings. 

Placement is up to you but I would use your longest necklace as a guide of placement.

Step 8: Hammer and Nails

Picture of Hammer and Nails

Apply your hooks to the wall. You can also use that handy tape trick here.

Step 9: Hang and Admire

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You now have an organized jewelry display. 

Mine didn't hold all my jewelry but you can make multiple ones or you can make a huge one. It's totally up to you.


seftonypony (author)2014-04-15

What a great project! Love the paper, too. Any thoughts on how best to add a door to it? To keep dust and kittens out. ;-)

I saw a wood working show on HGTV years ago where a gentleman took an elegant antique picture frame and made a shadow box to fit the back of it. He hinged it to the frame to make a great shadow box that was accessible. I may have to hunt the thrift stores for a good frame. Finding one that has a wide/heavy enough frame for the hinges might be hard.

It looks really nice! Using the hinges is such a great idea and the paper looks so cute!

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