Step 1: Ingredients

For this Hack you will need.

1. Rotera candle lantern

2. Hemma hanging lamp base

3. Ikea size light bulbs (they come in a two pack)

4. In line lamp switch (I got this from the hardware store)

5. Small size wire nut 16 – 22 (also from the hardware store)


Also it is handy to have these tools at hand

Rotary grinding tool


Center punch



Wire cutters

Exacto knife


Now lets get to it!

I am trying to make this, but I am finding it hard to because some of the information isn't specific enough for me. I went to home depot to get a rotary grinding tool, and they had a selection of 4 so I need to know the size of the one you used, secondly what was the size of the drill bit you used to drill through the top, and lastly ikea has a million light bulbs so I have no idea what the exact type is that you bought. This information would be very helpful, thanks!
<p>play to learn!<br>:)</p>
<p>I love IKEA hacks! In general the whole flat pack assembly idea is more than inspiring. Same here! Lovely lantern assembly hack! cheers!</p>
i bought those from d dubai ikea store..nw i knw hw 2 use them indoors safely.
Looks awesome!

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