Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
Ikea Hack Hanging Lantern (1).JPG

For this Hack you will need.

1. Rotera candle lantern

2. Hemma hanging lamp base

3. Ikea size light bulbs (they come in a two pack)

4. In line lamp switch (I got this from the hardware store)

5. Small size wire nut 16 – 22 (also from the hardware store)


Also it is handy to have these tools at hand

Rotary grinding tool


Center punch



Wire cutters

Exacto knife


Now lets get to it!

Step 2: Separate the top of the lantern from the base

Picture of Separate the top of the lantern from the base
Ikea Hack Hanging Lantern (4).jpg
 To separate the top you need to grind away the ring on the inside that clamps the top onto the rim of the base.  This was the toughest thing since my rotary tool couldn’t reach the interior very well.  I only ground about half of the ring off and I could twist them apart.


Step 3: Grind it open

Picture of Grind it open
Ikea Hack Hanging Lantern (5).jpg
 The next step is to grind the openings large enough to fit the lamp socket through.  I noticed that the entire unpainted portion seemed to be the same size as the socket, so I ground it all away.  On the top of the lantern I used the center punch to set a dent in the middle of the top.  I used the drill to start the hole then my grinder to remove the rest of flat portion on the top. 


tenebres3 years ago
I am trying to make this, but I am finding it hard to because some of the information isn't specific enough for me. I went to home depot to get a rotary grinding tool, and they had a selection of 4 so I need to know the size of the one you used, secondly what was the size of the drill bit you used to drill through the top, and lastly ikea has a million light bulbs so I have no idea what the exact type is that you bought. This information would be very helpful, thanks!

play to learn!

I love IKEA hacks! In general the whole flat pack assembly idea is more than inspiring. Same here! Lovely lantern assembly hack! cheers!

i bought those from d dubai ikea store..nw i knw hw 2 use them indoors safely.
Sermos4 years ago
Looks awesome!