Step 1: Remove Hinges (free the display)

Caution: The first thing to realize with this project is you can easily destroy your laptop. Weigh your options carefully. I actually made mine smoke and thought it was destroyed for a few hours, this was quite depressing.

I used my first generation G4 powerbook for this project, which already had the hinges broken, so this was a bit easier for me than it will be for you. Although, you can easily break the hinges off by folding the monitor back. I also ripped off that little back flap before I began, but be WARNED a little piece of metal might fall into your laptop when you do this, ruining it. I would finally suggest doing all the work on a soft surface, I used a towel on my bed.

To remove the hinges on this laptop take a torx-8 screw bit and remove the two screws in each hinge. (You can get these bits at radio shack if you dont have them.)

Pull off the hinge caps, though you may need a small flat head screw drive. NOTE: always be careful of the cables that carry the data (little and green). They're actually very small coax cables and can easily be ruined.

Now remove the inner metal hinges with the same screw bits. These should just come off after you unscrew them.
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Apple Rule5 years ago
eyaldtz8 years ago
somthing is wrong with my screen. As if I disconnected something ( which I didn't) I have Toshiba AS45. The computer comes up and the screen comes "clear". Any suggestion ?
parsniplee8 years ago
One thing left out here (probably because the hinges were already broken), the hinges have a second set of philips-head screws that need to be removed once the covers have been removed. Also, the white strip that contains the little white LED (the one that normally tells you if the computer is asleep) has to be separated from the frame. To do this without totally f**king your screen, remove the torx-screws on the sides of the screen (should be 4) then slowly pry the back cover off (the one with the apple logo). once you've got some decent room to work (by prying it up) you can get a flat-head screwdriver under the white piece youre trying to separate and with some care, get it off. Hope thats somewhat clear, let me know if anyone need clarification.