Introduction: Hanging Lights

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Summer is perfect for enjoying the outdoors, even having dinner as a family is better when you can enjoy it at your backyard.

For those perfect summer evenings, I´ll teach you how to make these lights that will make those moments even more magical. They are pretty for a special event, or even for you to enjoy with your family. Because those simple moments also deserve little details.

I´m sure you´ve seen those fancy outdoor string lights that are pretty but expensive, well you could be able to achieve that festive athmosphere with dollar store items. I made these for $6!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

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    • 5 small flower vases
    • 5 tea lights
    • Thin wire
    • Pliers

    Step 2: Cut the Wire

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    For each light we´ll need two pieces of wire. One larger than the other.

    Think about what size you need, then add 4 in and double it. It´s better if its longer, we´ll be able to cut it out later.

    I wanted each lantern in a different height, so the wires I cut are between 30 - 56 in

    Step 3: Knot the Wire Around the Vase

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    Fold the long wire in half.

    Wrap the wire around the vase, then open the loop and pull the end through the loop.

    This will hold the vase tightly.

    We´ll need to attach the smaller wire at the other side. To do so, pull the wire and twist to form a loop. This loop should be right across the first one, so that the lantern is balanced.

    Fold the second piece of wire in half, attach it to the loop you just created.

    Step 4: Tie Upper Knot

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    Finally tie the two ends together.

    At this point you can decide if you want them smaller. Or cut them all the same size.

    Step 5: Hang and Light

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    Hang them, put the tea lights inside and light them up!

    Let the party begin!


    Swansong (author)2017-08-25

    Those are really pretty :) I love these kinds of lights.

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