Hanging Monitor -- No Table Needed!


Introduction: Hanging Monitor -- No Table Needed!

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Limited space and where to put stuff is a problem for many people.  It is for me. 

My desk gets too cluttered too quickly.  To help free up some space, I decided to suspend my computer monitor from overhead.  Over my work station is a plywood bed loft, where I used to sleep many years ago.  I drilled a couple holes through it and ran down some wire.  Although the wire is thin, it is very strong, and the monitor will not fall. 

Houses are normally not designed for hanging things from the ceiling.  That is a problem with modern architecture, not a problem with the concept of hanging things.  If you hang things, you can eliminate a lot of furniture.  That saves money, and makes the floor easier to clean. 

My decadent dream is to someday have a dentist's chair as my work station and have everything I need either attached to the chair or suspended in space where I need it.

Use this idea at your own risk.  I am not responsible if your monitor falls due to a flawed cradle design. 

Step 1: Attaching to the Monitor

Monitors being different, and none being designed for hanging, you have to be creative with how you tie onto them.  Think it through carefully to avoid costly accidents.   Corner loops can come loose if they are not pulled toward the center on the back side.  Obviously, the connecting wires have to be on the back side to avoid passing in front of the screen. 

As you go along, test your cradle design by pulling on it while the monitor is still on the ground.  Be especially careful with corner loops that might slide off the corners. 

An E-friend has written to me about this.  He says, "... nearly every flat panel monitor has small holes fitted with tapped inserts for attaching wall mounting brackets. The holes can also be used as a more secure way to hang your monitor from the ceiling. Simply use screws that are too long for the holes and attach your wires to them, then snug them down! Voila!"

Step 2: Swing It to the Side

Sometimes I use my TV for a little Playstation therapy and I need to get the monitor out of the way.  I pull it to the side with string and hook the string to a wall hook.  Simple, but effective. 



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    the VESA mount plate which i have all my monitors should worrk to ,except one new Samsung , should work to securely mount hang your monitor. i bought the Samsung without realizing it only has a pedestal mount, never again.
    with a VESA plate attached to the predrilled holes on the monitor the possibilities are endless. a strong piece of wood cab be securely attached to the VESA plate to hang it like a museum picture. i will post a pic of one on mu VESA plate hacks later. many times the vesa plate come free, ot you can grubb one from spomeome that will only use it as a desktop mount. You can modify the VESA plate, such as drilling larger holes or cut outs, before attaching to the plate to the monitor with locktite.
    however if you have nor rear mounting holes , your back tp this routine.
    i would think that heavy duty gorilla tape or a metal channel would work for a secure bottom support, even a pvc pipe cut with a grove ma work,use plastic pvs paint tp make it look nice.
    ii want to mount a monitor above my bed , but also male it so i don't whack into it., monitors are pretty light, so am thinking of some kind of lifting device ,when it enters sleep mode

    That scares me.

    Now, how I would have done it, is to use the screw holes on the back of the tv/monitor. Put the screws in, a drop of loctite to be sure the screw does not back off, and tie your wires off to those. This way you don't have wires showing in the corners, and potentially scratching the bezel.

    But maybe I am just picky. I would rather lose my computer than my monitor. I use it for my computer (obviously), but it has a HDMI jack and I play PS3 on it too.

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    if you're worried about scratching the bezel, just put little pieces of vinyl tube over the wire where it hooks around the monitor. I'd definitely try this if I had somewhere to hang my monitor

    I'm sure your way would work, also, and maybe better. Another factor is getting the appropriate viewing angle from where you are sitting. Center of gravity has to be considered. Hanging from screws on the back might not work well because of that. The screen could hang downward.

    There has been no scratching of the bezel because there is no movement of the wire.

    I agree that it is a risky project if not performed carefully.

    A droop in the wire could be compensated for by how tight and where you attach the supporting wires to the wall.

    Another option is to use 2 strips of wood, say 2" wide, 1" thick, and just slightly shorter than the monitor. Drill holes, and mount these to the monitor. The ends have holes to tie off the line to. That way, you have a wide base for stability, and still hide the wires.

    That sounds good to me. The basic idea is to just suspend things in space where they are needed while eliminating the furniture that clutters up a room.

    I'm with you. I've often thought of using a dentist chair as a base to mount my computer/monitor etc.

    i like the idea but i would have moded the case for the montitor