Picture of Hanging Moss Garden
How to make your own Hanging Moss Garden
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Step 1: Bike Tire Rim

Picture of Bike Tire Rim
Salvage yards and Scrap Metal yards are a good place to start!

Step 2: Chicken Wire

Picture of Chicken Wire
Cut chicken wire to double the size of the bike rim, with 2-4 inches extra on the edges. Using wire cutters, snip a quarter of the way up the length of the chicken wire to slip around the centre post of the rim. Slide the chicken wire through the spokes so there are spokes behind and spokes in front. Once you've slipped the chicken wire through the spokes, twist the snipped edges of the centre slit back together.

The chicken wire holds the garden to the bike rim, and helps keep the soil inside the rim.

Step 3: Landscape Fabric

Picture of Landscape Fabric
Cut fabric to the size of the bike rim, plus a couple inches extra on all sides. Cut a slit halfway up the fabric in the middle to slip around the centre post of the rim. Slide the fabric through the spokes to sit directly on the chicken wire.

The fabric holds the soil in place.

Step 4: Soil

Picture of Soil
Add soil to the fabric, making sure the fabric's edges remain over the rim's edges so the soil doesn't fall out.

Step 5: Add Plants

Picture of Add Plants
Plant your chosen shade plants in the soil!

Step 6: Add Moss

Picture of Add Moss
Add moss to your garden to cover up the uncovered soil--this prevents the soil from falling out.

Step 7: Secure the Back

Picture of Secure the Back
I built this garden on the tailgate of my truck. You can do it on a table, or anything with an edge that you can slide the rim partially off to get underneath to secure the back. Cut some of the extra chicken wire to use as ties to secure the chicken wire inside the garden to the back spokes of the garden.
lazwerk2 years ago
I just love this idea. It's like a vertical garden with a twist!
The chicken wire idea is just perfect to hold the moss. Brilliant!
WUVIE2 years ago
This is adorable, and we just happen to have a few of these wheels.
Hmmm, you've got me thinking! Thank you for sharing this great idea!
kfeenstra (author) 2 years ago
Thank you!! It was a blast to make!
Duffledilly2 years ago
Genius! I've been thinking of ferns on indoor walls. This is such a lovely alternative. Thanks!
kfeenstra (author) 2 years ago
Thanks! And you're welcome! :) When I find some more time I'll post a few more awesome projects!
user8667532 years ago
I LOVE this and have the perfect place to put it. Thanks for sharing the idea.
Ebay seller fireballexpress99 sells moss, ferns and lichens.

kfeenstra (author) 2 years ago
Thanks guys!
wmelo2 years ago
khoffman92 years ago
Beautiful! Thanks!!
Cthulhu6692 years ago
Love this idea, great recycling.