Step 6: Pulleys and Main Line

Picture of Pulleys and Main Line
So now that each shelf is built, you need to hang them. Depending on how high you want each shelf to go, length of your setup, etc. your rope will vary. My 7' long by 11' high setup has about 40' of rope.

You need two types of pulleys. 2 double sheave pulleys, 4 single sheave pulleys. The doubles go on the ends of your support piece, one on the left end and one on the right end. Two single pulleys go in the center two spots.

Use an “S” hook to hang each of the pulleys from the eye-bolt.

The two middle buckets I arranged to ride along the main line on pulleys. These are single pulleys and I used "S" hooks to hang the shelves from these pulleys.

The pulleys allow the ropes to move along the system. By NOT fixing the shelves to the rope and ALLOWING the rope to freely move through the rings which ARE ATTACHED to the shelves, the shelves can be manipulated into different configurations.

You'll likely have fun experimenting with different ways of feeding the rope through the pulleys. I did. And depending on how you want it to move will depend on how you feed the rope through the system.

However, you should have the rope “doubled up” on the ends. On one end of the system, you'll need to secure the Main Line Rope with a clamp or a whip. Or you can just tie a knot.