Picture of Hanging Scarf Cluster Storage
My goal was to make a scarf organizer with the following qualities:

- easy to sort through (to find the right scarf)
- easy to put scarves away
- minimized funky wrinkling
- doesn't take too much space
- could handle a lot of scarves (I've got 15 after the last purge)
- modular (so I can always have the right number of hooks)
- relatively inexpensive (mine cost $9)
- hanging

This was my solution inspired primarily by the diy globe cluster lights that have been making the rounds.

You could buy one of the many types of scarf hangers, but the ones I've tried are often too much work (to put away, to find the scarf you want) or take too much room, or are too expensive. Boxing is also an option (either all in one box, or each folded in its own box), but I've got space to hang objects, less to shelve them.

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Step 1: Implements of Destruction (i.e. Tools)

Picture of Implements of Destruction (i.e. Tools)
You need:

- Two sets of Pliers
- Two Hands

Step 2: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
For the scarf holders:
10" of Chain for each scarf (I went with a lightweight metal chain that wasn't soldered together, as you need to pull apart rings to make the lengths you like)
Shower curtain rings (as many rings as you want for scarves--they typically come in packs of twelve)
Carabiner (make sure the chain will fit through your carabiner. Get more if you're going to do more than about twelve, as the bundle gets a little tight after that)

Cost breakdown for my twelve:
$5 for 10' of $0.51 chain
$2 for 12 clear shower curtain rings
$2 for the carabiner

Step 3: Putting it all together

Picture of Putting it all together
Putting it all together:

Take the chain and measure where you'd like a ring to be (I ranged my rings from about 8" to 12" so no two were at the same height--and thus the bulk of the shower curtain rings were spread out).

Take the pliers and hold either end of the ring you'd like to remove and pull apart.

Place one end through the carabiner, add a shower curtain ring to the other.

Rinse and repeat, until you have as many scarf holders as you like.

Then thread the scarves through!
Melissa W3 years ago
I featured this in a scarf holder round up with full credit and link back over at Storage Geek. Great idea!
Luminesia (author)  Melissa W3 years ago
Thanks Melissa!
mnq1233 years ago
Hi, Luminesia

I love your idea. However, I can't find shower curtain hooks that are large enough for some of my winter scarves. Can you tell me something else I can use instead?

Luminesia (author)  mnq1233 years ago

I think the best bet would be to try basketry hoops or embroidery hoops. They're both a little more expensive, but you can usually buy sets of 6 or more to reduce the per item price. Also, you'll be able to vary the size a bit.

Another alternative would be to poke around thrift shops for inexpensive purses which have round (typically bamboo) handles and cut away the purse.

Let me know if that helps.

sradiesli3 years ago
this is awesome. Just today (!) my scarf drawer kind of broke, because it is too full. Now I've got a neat solution, thanks!
Muslimama4 years ago
Very good idea. I have to head to the dollar store today to get some little cowboys and indians for my son. I think I will pick up a pack of shower curtains as well! Thanks!!
Luminesia (author)  Muslimama4 years ago
You're welcome! Post a photo of what you come up with! Cheers, Luminesia
Ask_Alice5 years ago
when i saw this i knew i had to do it. it came out really neat, but instead of a hanger i used a hook that i screwed into the wall to hang. thanx for the great idea
Luminesia (author)  Ask_Alice4 years ago
I know this is replying a little late, but ...

That's pretty awesome!  Thanks for sharing.


b1russell5 years ago
Very cool! I just happen to have a couple sets of shower rings around somewhere . . .
cronopia5 years ago
That is pretty neat; thanks for sharing!
Rismababy095 years ago
what about putting the shower curtain rings on a hanger instead of buying the chains and such, and you can find shower curtain rings at the dollar store :) Just a suggestion,But if I think about it ,Your idea is prettier and gives the scarves a store feel!
Luminesia (author)  Rismababy095 years ago
I think you could do that to save a little effort mucking with the chain, but the chain adds length so it's easier to sort through a whole bunch of scarves. But for the sake of space, ease of construction, and having a place to hang the scarves, I think it'd be a good alternative. Thanks for the compliment.
scoochmaroo5 years ago
Clever and simple!
Luminesia (author)  scoochmaroo5 years ago
Thank you!