Step 3: The Shelves

As stated before, I used blemished longboards for my shelves. I happen to work at www.TheLongboardStore.com, so I had access to several for cheap. You however, will more than likely not have this can of luck, so you will have to make your own or buy pre-made shelves. If you are ambitious enough to make your own, then you shouldn't need me explaining to you how to do it. Get some wood and get to it.

For those looking for an easier route or don't have the tools to make their own, pre made shelves can be bought from places like Lowes or Home Depot for relatively cheap. You'll find them in the closet organization section of the store. They usually come in a range of colors, so at least you aren't stuck with some ugly color you hate.

On to the holes. The boards I used already had holes drilled in them for mounting the longboard trucks, so I used those to run the cable through. One modification had to be made though and that was drill a 1/4" deep by 3/8" diameter hole into the bottom of the boards for the shaft collar to fit up into. This creates a nice flush bottom with nothing sticking out of the bottom of the shelf. The location of these holes will vary a bit depending on the size of your shelves, but I recommend putting them at least a 1/2" in from any sides and as wide ass possible for the best stability.

To do this, I used the aforementioned 3/8" Forstner bit. A Forstner bit for those who don't know creates a flat bottomed hole, unlike a regular drill bit. I used a drill press to drill all of these holes, but a hand drill could be used.

Since there were already holes in my boards, I was done. But for you, you will need to drill the rest of the way through the board so the cable can pass through. Use a 3/16" drill and place a block of wood under the shelf in the spot where you are drilling. This will keep the wood from splitting out when the drill breaks through the other side.

Final thing to do is give them a good sanding (unless they are pre-made and already have a finish) to remove any splinters or rough edges. This also prepares them for staining.
Where did you get all the boards
Back when I made these, I worked at TheLongboardStore.com. They were some blem decks that weren't rideable that i got for free.
i want to make<br>
You've gotta love McMaster.&nbsp; They sell absolutely everything.&nbsp; And they've had one of the best web interfaces in existence for the last 6 years at least.&nbsp; It's almost as good as wandering through a Hardware store thinking &quot;I&nbsp;need a thinggy that kinda looks like...&quot;<br />
&nbsp;Exactly. I can spend hours just looking through all the stuff they have. I had a job a few years back where they actually had a printed catalog. I wanted to steal it. :) lol
Yeah, I&nbsp;just checked - they only send them to their current customers.&nbsp; I'm surprised they don't give you the option to buy one!&nbsp; That's the only product that they <em>don't </em>stock :)
Excellent idea, congrats. I built something similar based on your instructable. Still have plenty of free place. Thanks.<br />
&nbsp;mountain bike brake cables might work nicely. &nbsp;The head of the cable is turned 90 degrees so it wouldn't fit quite as perfectly in the recess, but nobody's going to see it.
&nbsp;They could work, but you would still need collars for the shelves in the middle of the cable. Might work good for the very top hanger though, then use collars down below.
&nbsp;Why not put trucks on with 2 screws and put the cable through the other holes and collar below the trucks? and use boards with artwork on the bottom, for a teenage bedroom. Cool idea though! Re your disclaimer about weight i was wondering if a blob of Epoxy below the collar would help, though it would make it difficult or even impossible to adjust after that.<br /> Just some ideas, but love it
&nbsp;Hi I have used leftover laminate flooring for the same kind of treatment. Good instructable.
Wow, really nice looking shelves. great finished product.<br /> it's a much nicer solution then crimping, but i'm a little worried those set screws won't loosen up someday. cable compresses and all.<br /> <br /> it would be great if that little block of ply on top could be aluminum and if the cable wasn't cut there, but just looped though. then would hardly need the set screws at all. but need a little machining for the block to loop the cable through.<br /> <br /> great idea, gonna do this in the back office. Thanks!<br /> m<br /> <br />
&nbsp;I was a little worried about the collars&nbsp;initially&nbsp;as well, but after assembling, I have much more confidence in them. They hold amazing well. I think because the cable is a twisted braid, the set screw locks in between the spirals and doesn't allow it to slip down. Also, the set screws can back out because of how the collars are recessed into the wood. The set screws are about flush in the collar when tightened.
Excellent instructable - good directions, good photos, good results.&nbsp; Lots of variations could be done on this theme.&nbsp; And, you can vacuum under the shelves! <br />
&nbsp;Yup, I work at TLS. If you've ordered anything over the last few months, I probably assembled it and packed it.<br /> <br /> I like the idea of the Evo bookends. Might have to do something like that myself.<br /> <br /> Thanks for all the comments guys!<br />
AWSOME!!!! you work at the longboardstore!!! that is so cool! and awsome shelves too!!!!
You get to work at TheLongboardStore? You are a lucky person, I wanna try and make some of these out of my old broken boards. Would an old evo provide bookends for the shelves also<br /> <br /> Also, you guys are my goto source for everything, just wanna thank you all for nothing but awesome service<br />
Nice idea with the collars!&nbsp; Adjustable..easy to attach..&nbsp; <br /> <br /> No doubt one of the best sets of shelves on instructables.&nbsp; <br />
&nbsp;Those look great! &nbsp;Very modern look.

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