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This tutorial will show you how to make a hanging shelf out of rope and plywood.
This is a perfect solution if you are running out of desk space and you want to make a highly customizable unit for your documents and nicknacks.

To build this you will need:
Plywood (enough for 5 1x1ft squares)
      A table saw (or any tool for cutting wood)
      A drill (or any tool for drilling)
30 ft of strong rope (cotton works well, especially if it has a core)
      Shears (or any tool for cutting the rope)
      Tape for collecting the frayed ends (or a lighter if using synthetic rope)
A metal rod
      A clamp for bending it (or it can be done by hand)

Step 1: Cut Wood

Picture of Cut Wood
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Hanging Shelf78.jpg
Hanging Shelf77.jpg
You are going to want to end up with 5 pieces of 1ft x 1ft plywood.

Of course you should feel free to add more shelves or change the size. There are many places throughout the tutorial where you can customize the design, but I will not mention each one. It is really up to your discretion as a maker.
If you tried something like this, with steel cables and crimps, instead of rope, it may be easier to level. Very cool idea.
jweissgold (author)  audreyobscura2 years ago
That's definitely a good idea. The biggest challenge I found using rope that stretches is to level the shelves, so if your want more precision, I'd suggest taking Audrey's suggestion and using steel cables. It would probably look cool too.