Step 3: Apply one side and allow to dry

Wet your hands, to help keep the stuff from sticking to them.  (If you wear gloves, wet them too - it will help keep them clean.)

Grab a blob of sticky seeds and blop it down over one of the knots in the rope. Continue blopping the seed mixture over the knots until they are all covered in a mound of seeds, about as big as a baseball. (Mix more batches of flour and seeds if you need to.)

Clean your hands, but be careful not to get too many seeds in your drain. They have a tendency to clog things up pretty quickly.

Get a square of plastic wrap and lay it over one blob at a time. Compress the seeds around the knot as tightly as possible. If the blobs are too squishy, just wait 30 minutes and try again. As they dry, they become stickier and firmer, and easier to work with. Peel off the square of plastic wrap and reuse it to do the rest of the blobs.

After they have been compressed, they will need to dry until they are hard (for about 24 hours) before you can go on to the next step.