Picture of Hanging Yarn Ball Art
I love these! They look great hanging at different lengths in a corner of a room.

Step 1: What You Will Need

Picture of What You Will Need
What You Will Need:

-1 Bottle of Elmer's Glue
-Corn Starch
-Measuring Cup
- 100% Cotton Yarn - White or Light in Color (Feel free to try any color you want. I chose a lighter color, because I wanted to spray paint mine)
-Fishing Line
-Balloons (preferably medium to large ones)

*If you are doing this project inside you will need a Dollar Store Shower Curtain to help with the mess!
This project will be a bit messy!

Spray Paint to add color to yarn balls

Totally going to make these, but paint them in metalic colours and glow in the dark modge podge and put a black bacdrop in the corner with glow in the dark stars!!! By the way, I love the collage about the human spirit thats beside ur yarn balls!!

Love these and think we may make some for when we get remarried next year, maybe hang them from trees or somewhere. Thank for the inspiration.
ltart1 year ago
I'm so doing these !
I will make it once I get yarn. Will it work with thread?
HomemadeisBetter (author)  brenna11234352 years ago
You could give it a shot! It will be very thin and more likely to break apart. I would hold off until you got some yarn, then you can save your thread. Thanks for checking out this tutorial!
Cool! I need to make one of these!
taria3 years ago
ooo those would make cool outside decorations, maybe some metallic spray paint, silver or those really cool metal red, blue and purple ones. (cause I do have those) I think i just might try this, I'm just wondering how well it will hold up to being outside with rain and such, how sturdy is that glue that you made?
HomemadeisBetter (author)  taria3 years ago
That's a good question. I have to say that I'm not sure.If you were to spray them with a clear coat it might give them protection against the elements. Worth a shot. I thought these would make great lawn ordainments too! Good Luck!
I will try that, i even got me some balloons last night :)
Ez-Kabob3 years ago
Ooh, that's super cool!