Picture of Hanging cardboard jewelry frame!
Perfect for hanging and storing studs and dangle earrings because the frame is hinged. You can easily access the backs!

I wanted something simple yet pretty that could easily hold earrings and necklaces. This project takes about an hour, and can be customized in dozens of ways. The way I've done it is very basic.

Plus, you might just have all the materials around your house! Hooray!

(And thanks to Jace for taking pretty late night finished product pictures for me!)

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Step 1: What you need:

Picture of What you need:
  • a large piece of cardboard, single ply
  • a utility knife with a new blade
  • a quilting ruler or something similar
  • a cutting mat or a thicker piece of cardboard to cut on
  • some scrap cotton fabric - I used an unbleached muslin
  • a pen for marking
  • scissors for cutting fabric
  • Fabri-tac glue or something similar - anything that dries fast and can bond paper and fabric!

OPTIONAL: paint or decoupage supplies to finish the frame! I used spray paint because I had some left over from previous projects. :D

Step 2: Cut your box and cut out the main frame.

Picture of Cut your box and cut out the main frame.
Try to cut along a side seam of the box so that you can lay it flat and open it up completely.

You need a large, flat, non creased piece of cardboard for this, so go for the middle of the box. You can cut so that the "ribbing" is horizontal or vertical in the piece. I did both ways and found horizontal to be much easier to work with!

Figure out which side you like the most, and then place that side facing down. You'll be marking and cutting on the ugly side!

Cut out a piece that's 13 inches wide and 17 inches high.

Step 3: Cut the inner frame flap.

Picture of Cut the inner frame flap.
Now, measure two inches in from all edges so that the lines form another rectangle.

You're going to cut the two sides and bottom of this - leave the top lines intact. This will act as a hinge!

After this is done, cut 1/8 inch away from the surrounding cardboard on the three sides. This way, the cardboard won't be rubbing together and can be easily lifted out to retrieve earrings with backs!

What a great instructable! Would cereal box cardboard work for this? Or would it be too flimsy?
Hey! This frame looks really awesome, I want to make one to help keep my dorm room less cluttered next year, lol. However, I don't wear earrings--I had my ears pierced as a kid but I haven't actually worn them in several years--and I would just be using this to hang earrings and necklaces.

I figure that the purpose of the hinge is just to be able to secure earrings to the frame by pinning them in the back. Do you think this would work as a simplified version, without the hinge, and maybe just putting push pins in the board to hang bracelets off of? Push pins probably aren't the best thing to use, but, something along those lines?
This is a great idea, but to small for me. I was thinking about putting the hinges all around so I can fit my bracelets on it. If I were to do this do you think there would be any problems with it being able to hold the weight or the bracelets being able to fit?
jessyratfink (author)  Zergling_pack4 years ago
As long as the cardboard you use is strong and you take the size of the bracelets into consideration, you should be fine!

Just make sure your notches are deep enough to hold thick bracelets, and that the notches and spaced far enough apart, probably 2-3 inches, so the bracelets don't hang on one another. :)
srry this sounds stupid but could we use a normal ruler instead of a quilting ruler??
jessyratfink (author)  insructoperson4 years ago
Yep, definitely. I just prefer quilting rulers! :)
i love this. very original
Lettucehead5 years ago
Cool! Maybe you can make it to one of those duct tape croups by making a duct tape border... That would make it look real cool!
Sucasa5 years ago
A while back, we featured your books-as-headboard idea on Nook, and we've just posted this one on our sister site, Opaline. Great work, once again.... we like the way you think!

jessyratfink (author)  Sucasa5 years ago
Thanks so much for featuring it there! :D
ChrysN5 years ago
Including triangles for hanging necklaces and bracelets is a great idea, nicely done!
jessyratfink (author)  ChrysN5 years ago
Thank you! :D
Creativeman5 years ago
Very nice, Jessy. I have learned something, and I am the cardboard man! I like to make frames from cardboard, so thanks for your instructable. Good work, as usual. Cman
jessyratfink (author)  Creativeman5 years ago
Aww, thanks! :D
morCadillac5 years ago

your idea with the hinge is smart! The outcome's lovely, too!

I was thinking, if you have some styropor foam (from packaging) and glued it to the back of this..you could insert pushpins on the 'frame' itself as well - space for more earrings & rings & bracelets!

I have stg similar but I wanna make another one from scratch to document the steps with pics for an instructable. And the first thing I thought was "need-more-earrings" =)

See you!

jessyratfink (author)  morCadillac5 years ago
The foam is a good idea! If I end up making more I think I'll try that! :D
nonten945 years ago
nice job Jessy! I have done mine in 5 hours :)
jessyratfink (author)  nonten945 years ago
Ah! Yours turned out really pretty! :D
Sunbanks5 years ago
That's a great idea to have it hinged!
jessyratfink (author)  Sunbanks5 years ago
Thanks! I had never seen one like this, but I think it works really well. :)
I bet it works a lot better than having to take it off the wall every time you want to change your earrings!
Cute!! I need something to organize my earrings! They are just one jumbled mess right now!
jessyratfink (author)  tarzioo5 years ago
Thanks! Mine were a mess too, and in about five different places. I hope having these in the bedroom on the way to my side of the bed will keep me a little more organized. :P