Picture of Hanging lamp with an empty Whisky bottle
Ever felt sad throwing away this stylish looking liquor bottles when they were empty because the missus wants to get rid of "junk"? Ever felt that if only I could make use of this stylish bottle in some way around the house so that I can still keep it. Now, you can convince your wife that I am gonna make a lamp for you with my liquor bottle :)

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a hanging lamp from a whisky bottle.
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Step 1: Materials required

Picture of Materials required
Following is the material that you will require for this project:
1. Whisky/Liquor bottle - 1
2. Glass cutter - 1
3. Medium Grit Sand paper - as required
4. Drilling Machine and bits - small to large
5. Common electrical wire - 2 meters
6. Bulb holder - 1
7. Two pin plug - 1 
8. Screw-in Hook - 1
vonronge1 year ago
You need to warn people. Over time, a high wattage bulb will heat the glass, and if it cools too fast, the glass will crack. Sometimes explode. Seriously.
you could use an LED bulb, they are nice and cool, and endorsed by captain planet.
gparmar1 (author)  vonronge1 year ago
Vonronge, thanks for the tip. I`ve included a precautionary warning.
drmojo1 year ago
i'm just saying... step 1 should be 'Drink the Contents'. Step 2 could be 'Sober up'. Very nice decor for the 'Man Cave'. I did something similar for my little brother's house, he had too many bottles around.
gparmar1 (author)  drmojo1 year ago
Ha Ha Ha!
This looks beautiful :). Thanks for sharing.
gparmar1 (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya1 year ago
Tarun, you are most welcome.