Picture of Hanging mason jars
Quick easy storage
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Step 1: Gather

Picture of Gather
550 Cord and Mason jars with just the rim.
(Optional) washer and lighter

Step 2: Get your spacing

Picture of Get your spacing
Depending on what you want to store will determine the spacing if not you can just leave enough room for you to reach in.

Step 3: Getting the length of your cord

Picture of Getting the length of your cord
Starting just below the rim of what will be the bottom jar.
Hold the end of the cord, run it up the sides of all your jars, extend beyond your top jar at desired length, hold and run the cord back down and cut.
(Optional) Using the lighter, melt the cut ends

Step 4: Washer

Picture of Washer
Pinch the closed end, slip washer on, pull ends through loop, and pull tight.

Step 5: Rims

Picture of Rims
Unscrew, hold them all in your hand, and pull cut ends through the tops

Step 6: Assemble

Picture of Assemble
Start at the bottom, hold the cut ends just below the rim, screw it on, and move up

Step 7: Hang

Picture of Hang
Final product. Enjoy :) Vote if you like!
Averageglory10 months ago

When you say 550 cord, do you mean paracord?