Picture of Hanging retro cassette led lamp
There are instructables about cassette lamps. All I have seen are table top lamps.

I wanted to make a hanging roof lamp. 

I also wanted to use multi-colour led lamp, to make it look even more retro: 70's here I come!

Step 1: What do I need?

Picture of What do I need?

C-casettes with clear casings and clear casette bodys, 12 pcs. 
Square piece of clear acrylic (12,5 x 12,5 cm)
Drill with 40mm diameter
Roof lamp attachment
Multicolour led lamp with remote control
Clear & strong plastic glue
Painter's tape

Very cool. The remote LED light was a great idea.
saastamo (author)  Sparkytastic3 years ago
Thanks! It was a fun project.