Picture of Hanging Colander Lamp Shade
I got the idea for this project from a light fixture in a restaurant (I would say which, but I can't remember). They had a light fixture made of a colander on the ceiling, which gave a nice speckled effect. I decided to modify this, and make a colander into a hanging lamp above our dining room table.

Credit also goes to this post on IKEAhacker

Ikea says, quite believably, that their products are green. Please don't make a trip out to Ikea just for this.

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Step 2: Marking out a circle

By counting holes, find the centre hole in the bottom of the colander. Then, draw a circle around this point that is slightly wider than the threads on the fixture. There are a few ways of doing this. I centered the fixture (again, counting the number of holes on each side works for this) and traced around it.
ahniton1 year ago
Very industrial :D
MaDoGK5 years ago
Nice. i made one of theses a few years ago. but a bit simpler. Have to say, mine doesnt look so good with an energy saving bulb :p
Re-design5 years ago
Hey, great idea and execution. Things like this sell for lots of money in designers shops!
maxamerongen (author)  Re-design5 years ago
Thanks! I love your guitar speaker, by the way. I'm building a Les Paul (just heard that he died today) , and your instructable convinced me to make my own amp stack for it when I'm done.
mariob_19985 years ago
This is great! I've been looking for inspiration to create my own arch lamp, and this would work great for the shade. Now to find a way to create an arch with pipes. Thanks, this helps a lot.