Introduction: Hangingbar

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I have seen this on Youtube and have rebuild it

The shelf also offers the possibility to record glasses

Step 1: Cutting the Woodpieces

Picture of Cutting the Woodpieces

First of all cut all required wooden parts for the base plate
8 pinewood 430x140x18 2 pine wood 840x140x18 2 pine wood 630x140x18 2 pinewood 1120x100x18

Step 2: Baseplate

Picture of Baseplate

Next screw all wooden parts from picture 2. The outer parts of Figure 2 form the stiffening on the rear wall.

Step 3: Support Strip for Glass Holder

Picture of Support Strip for Glass Holder

Next, attach the support bar off the glass holder. The distance from the bottom edge is a matter of taste and depends a little on the glasses used.1 pine wood 1120 x 50 x 18

Step 4: Assembly of the Glass Holder

Picture of Assembly of the Glass Holder

Now screw the glass holder. Again, take into account the height and width of the glass base when assembling.
I only screwed the glass holder into the base plate in a later step, because now I have both stained and lacquered both parts.

1 pine wood 1120x100x18 1 pine wood 1120x150x50 1 pine wood 1120x50x50

Step 5: Paint

Picture of Paint

Both parts, base plate and glass holder, I have now stained

I took Bootslack for this. The glass holder is bolted to the base plate from behind.

Step 6: Mount Malleable Cast Iron Parts

Picture of Mount Malleable Cast Iron Parts

The mounted malleable cast iron parts, placed left and right (but not yet attached).
Only now I have measured the required length for the crossbar and then ordered this. The rod was then made to measure.

Step 7: Finish

Picture of Finish

decorate and finish


hikaru mounir (author)2017-11-25

Great Idea, I love it ^_^

MrCraft (author)hikaru mounir2017-11-28

thank you

ClenseYourPallet (author)2017-11-21

Great looking shelf! Thanks for sharing

MrCraft (author)ClenseYourPallet2017-11-28

thx apreciated

jay.bengal14 (author)2017-11-20

Are you going to give any credit to “The Rehab Life” on YouTube?

MrCraft (author)jay.bengal142017-11-20 do you ?

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