*WARNING: under no circumstances do I take any responsibility for injuries. Never put any loop, noose, or other length of rope around your neck. This 'able is for educational purposes only!*

Step 1: The Necessities

Any length of rope, twine, yarn, or thread.

Step 2: Tying the Knot

Lay down your rope in an S formation as shown.

Step 3:

Next carry the bottom part over the length of rope

Step 4:

Begin looping the length you carried over, around itself

Step 5:

After making 5 or so loops, pull the remaining length of rope through the circle near the top.

Step 6: Pull!

Pull the loop tight by tugging on the noose and holding the knot. After pulled taut, the noose should be able to be adjusted.

Step 7: *optional*

You may now cut the remaining length of rope. Make certain you don't cut the wrong length.
I want to use it.
<p>y </p>
Me too
this should be the ONLY method of punishment
First instructable, hope you like it, any comments, question, advice?
<p>The rope you used is really small, and the setting in which you tied it is fairly low light making it kind of difficult to notice the details.</p>
Can you makean ible for slip knots please?

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