I decided to design a bedroom on Google Sketchup that would fulfill the ability to be an entertaining hangout, a good place to unwind, still having a spot to do work and study in. Featuring a bed setup, snack bar, study desk, an entertainment area, and hard wood walls and ceiling, this is one room design that I believe would be an ideal rendezvous for you and your friends, and a great area for solitary relaxation as well!

I've attached an .skp file of the room at the end of this instructable

Step 1: Bed Setup

    This is a unique sleeping setup, allowing for maximum storage. Leading up to the bed platform are carpeted stairs. The bed is made of a hardwood frame with space underneath for shoes or slippers, and built in drawers for clothes, so there isn't a dresser taking up space. Connected to the bed frame is a counter-type bedside table with a cup holder for a drink, and more drawers. The fish tank is just an example of something that could go on top.
    The picture is a bit far away, but on the far wall there is an outlet next to the bed, making it easy to plug in a laptop, charge your phone, plug in an alarm clock, etc. Lastly, a window runs along the wall on the right down the length of the wall. 
Wow! You're really good at using Google SketchUp!! It just frustrates me!!

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