Throw it up high and time it as it comes back down! With a gentle breeze this plane can regularly reach flight times of 15-25 seconds! Sweet!

This was my favorite plane design as a kid; as an adult I'm still tempted to go out and play with this one. Maybe I will...

Step 1: The beginning

Start off with a single sheet of standard paper

- fold the top right corner over to the left side of the paper, as pictured
- unfold and do the same operation on the top left corner
- unfold and flip the paper over
<p>its realy stupid</p>
<p>this is the stupidest thing I have ever tried to make</p>
<p>it was stupid and hard</p>
Loved this! Hopefully it works&hellip;&hellip;
<p>A-mazing. Love the humor </p>
Have an airplane flying contest at work this afternoon - will let you know how it goes!
<p>(*4 years later...) how did it go?</p>
Nice plane
<p>mine didn't fly very well. =( It was worth a try.</p>
This paper airplane has the longest flight time EVER. and i folded is wrong!!!
....it didnt really fly....<br /> <br /> <br /> like at all....<br />
this is very simaler to one i make but&nbsp;this flies alot better then mine thanks for sharing
cool and it flies awsome =)<br/>
i got 2 min
Nice, I've actually lost sight of one of them, it went so far and over some trees. Definitely the exception, not the rule.
nice work wonderful
Thank you =)<br/>
15-25 seconds in the air is awesome. How about you break Ken Blackburn`s world record which was 27.6 seconds in the air.
I think that is indoors - outside with wind and thermals paper gliders can stay aloft much longer.

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