Picture of Hangtime! Paper airplane
Throw it up high and time it as it comes back down! With a gentle breeze this plane can regularly reach flight times of 15-25 seconds! Sweet!

This was my favorite plane design as a kid; as an adult I'm still tempted to go out and play with this one. Maybe I will...
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Step 1: The beginning

Picture of The beginning
Start off with a single sheet of standard paper

- fold the top right corner over to the left side of the paper, as pictured
- unfold and do the same operation on the top left corner
- unfold and flip the paper over

Step 2: The button...

Picture of The button...
Now that the paper is flipped:

- fold the top section of the paper horizontally at the exact crossing point of the two previous folds
- unfold and flip the paper once more
- press the button! (as pictured)
- fold the paper so the horizontal side fold m eets in the center and the top of the paper folds downwards. You will end up with something like the picture below!

Step 3: Diversify

Picture of Diversify
At this point we need to shift the mass of the plane towards the front.

- fold the top section of the large triangle at 45 degrees to meet with the front tip of the plane
- unfold and do something funky with the tips. I like to cross them, experiment and come up with your own step here!

Step 4: Give it wings

Picture of give it wings
- flip the plane over and fold the nose down towards the back of the plane
- flip it again and fold the whole thing in half lengthwise
- gently fold down the wings; I like to make the fuselage small and the wing large

Step 5: Horns!

Picture of horns!
- add rear stabilizers by folding a bit of the wing edge upwards
- add horns to the front section, thats right, this plane has horns! YEAH!
LyneC1 month ago
Blazecraft109 months ago

mine didn't fly very well. =( It was worth a try.

polymechman3 years ago
Have an airplane flying contest at work this afternoon - will let you know how it goes!
H20Lighter4 years ago
This paper airplane has the longest flight time EVER. and i folded is wrong!!!
rush0wns5 years ago
....it didnt really fly....

like at all....
qwerty20085 years ago
this is very simaler to one i make but this flies alot better then mine thanks for sharing
PERSON!!6 years ago
evanhdez6 years ago
tVIKsz6 years ago
cool and it flies awsome =)
i got 2 min
arcandor (author)  ushirmaharaj6 years ago
Nice, I've actually lost sight of one of them, it went so far and over some trees. Definitely the exception, not the rule.
nice work wonderful
arcandor (author)  mrwhitmore336 years ago
Thank you =)
15-25 seconds in the air is awesome. How about you break Ken Blackburn`s world record which was 27.6 seconds in the air.
arcandor (author)  ILoveTheCold3456 years ago
I think that is indoors - outside with wind and thermals paper gliders can stay aloft much longer.