Happy Birthday Letters



Introduction: Happy Birthday Letters

Want to give a colourful boost to your birthday cake? This instructable is so simple, quick and enjoyable that you'll never buy again decorative letters for birthday cakes!

I made them for my brother's birthday (of course I made him the cake as well but recipe isn't included in this instructable :P ) and his surprise was so big that I felt proud of the impression this little thing made to him! ^_^

Step 1: Gather Materials (very Easy and Cheap)

Materials are very cheap, however I couldn't calculate the cost because I had already them. Colored cardstock shouldn't be expensive and almost all kitchens have toothpicks...! So, I used:

  1. Colored card stocks (choose whatever color you like)
  2. Some toothpicks
  3. Glue
  4. Pencil
  5. Scissors
  6. Ruler

Step 2: Make Letters Easy Peasy!

  • Draw letters on the card stock
  • Cut a little cube around the letter and make sure to have 2 sides
  • Cut the letter and make sure you have 1 pair per letter
  • Glue generously the two halves to make sure toothpick wouldn't move!
  • If you wish you can decorate your letters with colored marker pens

...and finished! You can now decorate your birthday cake!

* I made an abbreviation of the word ''birthday'' and just wrote ''bday'' instead to have enough space on the cake to wrote my brother's name as well!

Enjoy! ^_^



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