In this season it rains a lot. And when a couple is sharing one umbrella the result is wet. So  no more trying to walk arm in arm huddled under a mini brolly whilst one of you gets wet. This umbrella has a dual handle so that both of you keep dry yet it is still around the same size as a normal umbrella. It is very efficient and drags the attention as well.

Step 1: Materials

The maine materials needed for my project were:

- 2 umbrellas (i had the blue one home so i just had to find the same umbrella in the shop. Unfortunately i couldn't find the same model in red, as i wanted but i found it in yellow - which wasn't that bad)
- 1 indoor antenna
- glue gun - it was the most used thing in the project

Other tools were used depending on the work i done :
- Screwdriver
- Drill
- Pliers
- box-knife
- Sewing tools....

Otherwise the double umbrella came up very cheap.
The umbrella costed $2 (for two thats $4)
The antenna $1.5
I had the other stuff at home so no money wasted on this.

PERFECT for getting babies in/out in downpours! THANK YOU!
I wish I found this sooner! This would have come in handy a couple months ago when the Mr and I were in a huge downpour. I got the umbrella, but he got soaked. Once I make one no more getting wet!! Thanks for sharing :)
I hope this is helpful in seious rains.If not you can try a triple version (family umbrella) :)
Cool, I will give them a shot :)
This is awesome! Even though I don't have a girl, I'd love to add some speakers to 'em for parabolic surround sound! https://www.instructables.com/id/umbrelAudio-Sound-Dome-Umbrella/
i think the acustic is going to be better if the umbrellas are three. But with two looks strange imagine with three and some music - walking circus :)
Ili s latinica: <br>Mnogo originalen Instrictable! ;)
Razbrah te i ot parviq pat :)~. Mersi!! <br>Radvam se da vidq 4e ima o6te nqkoi zabluden balgarin.
Mnogo interesno i kreativno :) Bravo!
Awww, such a cute picture too!
Great re-design!
hahahah i would never use one of these with my gf in the rain, she would probably burn it from embarrasment XD plus its hard to close and impractical when you're mobile and have to put it away (getting on the bus, going into the shops etc) plus the embarrasment from people thinking you're 'special', yeah not the rain man kind, the one that everyone avoids XD
Isn't that bad. You just dont care about people's opinion and go on and the folding process is just pressing two buttons and use both hands. You don't need to be a roket scientist.
hahaha it would be embarrasing though and plus itll be hard to walk on the busy foot paths in brisbane.
Great project!<br> <br> Eddles777 missed the point - his girlfriend is inflatable and it doesn't really matter whether &quot;she&quot; gets wet.
Много оригинален инструкт. :)
This is incredible, ingenious! Well done man!<br>I love the use of an old TV antenna... freaking awesome!<br>
I expected that kind of comment for the antenna! :) <br>Thanks man!!!
Sorry, couldn't help myself. I realize you're not from the US, but this would be a huge hit in Michigan for all those U of M fans!!! This is really cool!
Just curious how difficult is this to open and close compared to a single umbrella?<br><br>It looks great. Very innovative.<br><br>Now if someone could only solve the difficulty of getting into an automobile with a wet umbrella while it's raining and not getting the car soaked in the processed...
&quot;if someone could only solve the difficulty of getting into an automobile with a wet umbrella while it's raining and not getting the car soaked in the processed...&quot;<br><br>I saw someone 'invent' just such a thing. She was on the T.V. show American Inventor a few years ago. Unfortunately I couldn't find any video of her showing someone getting into a car with the umbrella online.<br><br>http://www.in-brella.com/Welcome.html
Thanks!! Glad you like it!!<br> The difference is that you have to use both hands when opening or closing (as the umbrellas are not automatic you have to open them paralel or one by one, but still you do double work though :))<br> You gave me something to think about with the car problem by the way.
My favorite couple!!! :)

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