Picture of Happy Cyberween!
Happy Cyberween!

Here's a photo edit my husband did!
All the photo editing we've done previously, we've used photoshop.
We were thrilled to discover Pixlr!  It's free and it's wonderful--it has many similar
functions and features and was very easy to use!
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Step 1: Using Pixlr!

Picture of Using Pixlr!
Begin with your photo stock.
We opened up a new screen and saved it off right away.
A camera photo of our son and
A cartoony cyberman picture 

Step 2: You will be upgraded!

Picture of You will be upgraded!
Jared portrate11.jpg
First selecting the cyberman head and copying it on a new layer on the photo of our son.
Tweaking the size and rotating the selection to fit his head.

He selected some of the cyberman's face and erased it so our son showed through.  Then he added the head to a blue moon background.

He adjusted the layer of our sons face so it would match the blueish gray tone of the cyberman.   And duplicated it 2 times so there is an army of cybermen...well, 3.

And added a Halloween greeting and presto!

Perfect e-card to send off to family for Cyberween!  :)

Skeltin2 years ago
Thanks, my son loves robots especially cybermen
ChrysN2 years ago
Cool Doctor Who themed e-card!