Happy Halloweenie Costume 2008





Introduction: Happy Halloweenie Costume 2008

My costume from this halloween. I made the entire outfit (minus the hat) from scratch. I used my own pattern/design, cut, sewed, and hand painted everything. Outfit includes pants, hooded shirt, and a little tutu thing just for fun. The tutu has mesh spider web fabric with bits of scrappy pieces hanging off of it, and even a few bones .
I had lots of fun with this one...makeup was also done by me.
Self shot and modeled for photos as always.



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    very creative

    hi. i just wanted to let you know that your pics inspired me to make my own skeleton costume. i always wanted to be a skeleton for halloween and never liked the costumes they sold at the store... i just never thought about making my own skeleton costume for some reason... until i saw your pics. i wasn't quite as creative as you though- i bought the black pinstripe pants and shirt with lace trim at the thrift store for about $4 total, then made my skeleton pattern, cut it out of lace, pinned and sewed. and voila! a halloween costume is born. it was perfect for the halloween parade, thanks for the inspiration. just thought i'd share.

    pose with hoop up.jpgPA222797.jpgPA222799.JPG

    Wow. it looks so childishly cute, and in a way, androgynously attractive.

    Wow... really cute! You look great!

    nice, looks well made cheers, mspark400