Introduction: Happy Pi Day!

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Tomorrow is International Pi day, and my local TechShop is having a Pi(e) social!

This is my submission for the Pi social...Easy to make, just a few simple ingredients and you are on your way.

I made it for TechShop!

This is a quick, easy Caramel Pi recipe, that I made after I made my first batch of crock pot caramel rice pudding.

The condensed milk caramelizes quite nicely after a few hours and becomes rich and creamy!

Step 1: Ingredients

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1 14 oz can of your favorite sweetened condensed milk.

1 9 inch pie crust

1 tub of frozen whipped topping

1 Hershey caramel topping

Step 2: The Long Part.

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Take the label off the can.

Place it in a pot of water that covers the can.

Fill with water to cover the can.

Bring to a rolling boil.

Reduce to medium-high heat.

Keep boiling for 4 hours while making sure to keep covered with water.

Step 3: The Quick Part.

Remove from water.

Carefully open.

Pour into pie crust.


Step 4: Next...

Cover with whipped cream

Put caramel sauce on top.

Step 5: The Final Step.


I did :)


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2014-03-13

That is intense!

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