Happy Poop Emoji Made From Clay





Introduction: Happy Poop Emoji Made From Clay

With this super easy craft you will be able to make a poop emoji!

Step 1: Things You Will Need;

Brown Clay,

White paper,

Black Marker

Step 2: Start Out by Rolling Out Your Brown Clay Into a Long Piece of Clay.

Step 3: Start Making It Going From Thick on One End to Skinny on the Other End.

Step 4: Start Ravelling Up the Clay in a Poop Shape.

Step 5: Now With Your Paper Draw on 2 Oval Black Dots. Then Cut About 2-3mm Around the Black Dot.

Step 6: Now Cut Out the Emoji's Mouth.

Step 7: Now You Can Press in the Eyes and Mouth! You Are All Done!

If your paper does not stick you can use glue.



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    HAHA LOVE IT! :D xx

    Cute and funny! Very creative!

    ? funny!

    heres a great emoji :

    :) :D B:)

    Fun and all but how did this get featured XD

    I thought these were supposed to be nice comments... Maybe because its creative?

    ...which brings up the topic of why I prefer talking in person where you can clearly show that you are joking when you say something instead of adding emojis