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Recently, I designed a cardboard costume for someone who is in middle school. So my group, going along with the assigned theme of Marine themed costumes chose an individual theme of Finding Nemo. We all chose significant characters from the movie, and the character i chose was, my personal favorite, Crush! So I designed a sea turtle costume that a child could wear for say, a play production of Finding Nemo! But we did have some specifications and limitations for the costume such as:

-be made entirely out of cardboard
-use slotted construction
-be flat pack
-fit a middle school aged child
-use no adhesives

-be safe
-be easy to assemble
-not require too much parental supervision
-use no adhesives
-be flat pack
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Step 1: Materials List

Supply list
S1        Cardboard     6x3         Shell, shoulder straps

Tool list
ITEM TOOL                                 USE
TI CUTTING MAT                       To cut the cardboard on top of
T2 UTILITY KNIFE                      To cut the cardboard
T3 RULER                                   To measure lines and cardboard
T4 PENCIL                                  To make marks and lines
T5 PROTRACTOR                     To measure angles

Step 2: Get Some Cardboard!

Picture of Get Some Cardboard!
Part 1: Turtle Shell
Your going to need a sheet of cardboard that is at least 6' by 3'

Step 3: Measure the Oval!

Picture of Measure the Oval!
Part 1: Turtle Shell
Measure out a 4' line on the cardboard. Make a small mark on the halfway make (or at 2'). At that mark, make a 2' horizontal line that is centered on the vertical line.

Step 4: Make the Oval!

Picture of Make the Oval!
Part 1: Turtle Shell
Now, were going to make the template for the oval. Your going to need a large piece of paper. On it, your going to measure up one side to 2' and mark it, and from the same corner, measure 1' out. Connect the two points with a curved line. Then cut out the template and place it in the angle where the lines on your cardboard meet. Then trace the curve. Repeat for all 4 parts of the oval.