Happy Valentine(^^) with all my love...

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Let's make KUMA CHOCOLATE (^^)

Step 1: Download

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Made a derivative by HisashiIMAI.

I download data from here.
sabu.dawdy2 years ago
SaoriSHINYAMA (author)  sabu.dawdy2 years ago
I am glad. Thank you!
mishagirl82 years ago
So cute but looks sooooo tasty when made out of chocolate! mmmmm... I want to make it even though the paper part looks kinda complicated and hard. (^^)
SaoriSHINYAMA (author)  mishagirl82 years ago
Thank you very much!
I presented this chocolate to a beloved person.
He is an author of this paper craft.
Therefore I wanted to present the thing which reproduced this special bear by chocolate to him.
I think that there is a wonderful thing if I make it with a warm feelings.
I pray for your completion. Thank you very very much(^^)
sphere3602 years ago
This is so kawai, it's a pity for eating that.
SaoriSHINYAMA (author)  sphere3602 years ago
KUMA-san may say, "an ear is painful"(/_<。)
rathemighty2 years ago
You, my friend, are a genius
SaoriSHINYAMA (author)  rathemighty2 years ago
I'm kind of embarrassed.
musicalsoul2 years ago
This is so cute:)
SaoriSHINYAMA (author)  musicalsoul2 years ago
Thanks a lot (^^)