Happy Valentine(^^) With All My Love...





Introduction: Happy Valentine(^^) With All My Love...

Let's make KUMA CHOCOLATE (^^)

Step 1: Download

Made a derivative by HisashiIMAI.

I download data from here.

Step 2: Make Paperwork

I put aluminum foil inward and assemble it.

Step 3: Completion of the Model

I distributed a body and a face.

Step 4: Coagulate

Completion of the paper model.
I pour the chocolate which I dissolved, and cool  in the fridge.

Step 5: Exclude a Paper Model

When I tear a paper model carefully...

Step 6: Success!


Step 7: In a Refrigerator

How cute!

Step 8: Gift-wrapping

Gift-wrapping with the cookie which I wrote as "KUMA".

Step 9: Eat

An ear is delicious. Hehehe!

Step 10: Extra

I made the present to father with surplus chocolate.
Daddy, I'm sorry in the rest. But I like you!



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    So cute but looks sooooo tasty when made out of chocolate! mmmmm... I want to make it even though the paper part looks kinda complicated and hard. (^^)

    Thank you very much!
    I presented this chocolate to a beloved person.
    He is an author of this paper craft.
    Therefore I wanted to present the thing which reproduced this special bear by chocolate to him.
    I think that there is a wonderful thing if I make it with a warm feelings.
    I pray for your completion. Thank you very very much(^^)

    This is so kawai, it's a pity for eating that.

    KUMA-san may say, "an ear is painful"(/_<。)

    You, my friend, are a genius