Happy Bday, Revive Old Times





Introduction: Happy Bday, Revive Old Times

I made this way back when I was about 14 years old. (stone age)
I would love to learn how to make this a gsd file! ;)

Step 1:

You'll need;

Step 2:

Place a copy of the design on your paper, I use paperclips to hold it in its place. Use a cutting mat to save your table ;).
Cut al the big lines.

Step 3:

make mountain folds on the striped lines and valley folds on the dots.

Step 4:

place a background paper and send your birthdaywishes!
I had succes with this card, hope you will too!



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    Love it!!! Can't wait to give it a try, thanks!

    @ Henley36
    Can you try this: download the image of step 2, save it (right click, save image). Open image and print.

    Could we get a printable pattern for that awesome card? Thanks!

    You can put the image in (for example) word en print it. Or what kind of file would you like? I 'll see if I can do that. (I'm new, I don't know how things work yet)


    Wonderful! Fun and simple paper craft with a strong effect

    Love this! Do you have a pattern for the card we could download?