Step 8: Wrapup/Conclusions

When I demoed the H.A.L.O. for a few friends and let them try it out (friends
who were seeing it for the first time and didn't really know what to expect) the
many uses for this device began to take shape - from navigating hallways to
being able to walk while carrying something to learning the lay of the land in a
new place. I was excited to see my friends walk blindfolded unencumbered and
collision free (please check out the video). It also made me think of various
modifications that I could make to the H.A.L.O.

What I’ve made is clearly a prototype and the components could be hidden in a
ballcap or visor in future models so it’s more user friendly. Additionally, the
version I made only has sensors 180 degrees around the head – you could increase
that to 360 to receive feedback in all directions or increase the sensor
sensitivity for farther distances.

I had a lot of fun working on this project and learned a ton. When we look at
everyday objects differently or truly think about ways we can use technology to
improve our lives it's amazing what we can come up with. I welcome your thoughts on this project. Good luck tinkering!