Hard Candy Vodka





Introduction: Hard Candy Vodka


  • Glass bottle (2 $ or 1 £ pr. bottle in Ikea for the ones I used)
  • 500 ml of vodka (I used the cheapest one I could find, the hard candy taste is very dominating)
  • 80 g of hard candy (2.8 oz. Pick your favorite one)


  1. Pour the vodka into the bottle
  2. Crush the hard candy and put it into a plastic bag
  3. Cut a hole in the plastic bag and pour the crushed hard candy into the bottle
  4. Wait for one hour or until the hard candy is dissolved
  5. It's now ready to drink.

Note: This drink has a very high alcohol percentage, and even though it tastes like candy, it is very strong.



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    we use to do this with liquorice candy and it is very good! (if you like liquorice)
    and i have to agree that you don't have to use the most expensive vodka, that would really be excess money spent for no reason since the candy taste covers all of the vodka taste!
    cool instructable!

    Definitely a quick way to dress up cheap vodka! Thanks for sharing!

    The quality of your vodka matters if you want a better end product. It's the difference between adding candy to rubbing alcohol or good tasting vodka.

    The taste of hard candy is strong, so the taste of vodka is oppressed. It is a shame to use an expensive vodka when the taste of it is drowned by the taste of hard candy.