Yum, it becomes a nice hard treat.

Step 1:

You'll need the following:


Step 2:

Put the cheese on the plate.

Step 3:

Now put the cheese in the microwave.

Step 4:

Let it sizzle in the microwave till the oil in the cheese is boiling a little. Then check on it, till it's got lots of bubble in it. Take it out, leave it for a minute or two. 

Step 5:

Now your done.
Saganaki! <br> <br>If you do it safely, and in a cast iron pan... after it gets a bit melty, add a dash of brandy, and flame on! <br>Chicago style flaming cheese! <br>Squeeze a halved lemon over it once the flames die down a little. <br>This adds flavor, and puts out the remaining flames. <br> <br>Just like with wine, if you wouldn't drink it, don't cook with it. <br> <br> <br>Cheery Cheese Consumption.
Wow, yum. Brandy, I won't add. That sounds real cool, is that in theory? Or have you done it?
I have done it a number of times... also, many of the Greek owned restaurants in the Chicago area have this on the menu(and it is very very tasty). <br>I actually prefer a nice goat feta cheese, but just about any cheese that will melt is good. <br> <br>If you didn't want to use brandy... just about any higher proof booze should work. <br>all the &quot;proof&quot; burns off, so it's even kiddie safe, once the flames are put out.

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