In this instructable we turn a hard drive into a speaker. 

Step 1: Items Needed

Items needed for this project :
1. Hard Disk Drive
2. Soldering Iron
3. Wire Cutter
4. T9 Torx Screw Driver
Korn in the vid! lol<br>
Also, can anyone give me an explanation on how this works? <br>
There are 2 magnets (at bottom and at the top of the head), and there is a coil (winding) at the end of the head; so when you give the coil some sound it starts to move because of the magnets<br>ToXiCATOM
<p>I had no amplifier lying around so used OpAmp from Expeyes (pocket oscilloscope) and worked fine! Thanks</p>
Really it works. Now i have done it with an old hard drive. Really cool!
if you could find something to do with the disks other than a turbine i'd be impressed because i have about three inches of the disks and i'm not exagarating
thats annoying X_X
Hey guys did as per instructable and nothing happens. Tried it on two HDD and still nothing on either. HELP???? and sorry.... It is possible I broke something because the reading things on the end looked pretty munted
I just use a small flat head and you can get those torx screws to loosen. If you have a drill the you could always just drill those out. I found an image of a hard drive dis-assembly <a href="http://www.primelec.com/the_electronic_library/computer_accessories/technology">here</a> that I found really cool and helpful. Thanks sybyabraham great info!<br>
Very cool. Has anybody tried this as a microphone? Just curious what the quality would be like.<br />
doesnt work well
I do not have a torx screwdriver or a drill press. I have all of the outside screws off by using a wrench, but the hidden screws are impossible to get to without the screwdriver. what can I do?<br />
if you have a dremel you can cut a slit into the screw and use a flat-head, i do it a lot
I'd say it's very hard to do that, but you can get a T9 Torx screwdriver set for 8.95 USD at a large hardware store.<br />
You can follow these two all the way through the ribbon wire into the back of the main PCB so you dont have to take the arm off.
Yea, that's what I'm doing now. Seems alot easier soldering to the existing PCB (especially on this old 90's hard drive I'm using where the components are massive) than doing this delicate stuff.
sweet aw gee i wish i had a busted hard drive lying around now oh well ill find one soon nice job anyways cool setup LINKIN PARK ROCKS
its Korn. how does that sound anything like linkin park?
The cd in the second last step is linkin park...
but your comment is on the front page with korn.
Because all comments from all pages show up on the front page
that's not my comment... maybe they posted the comment on the all steps page...
i think u can get one at a local computer repair shop cant you?
It´s not a speaker in there. I made one for myself today. It works great!!!! Can I make so the volume is higher? Sorry for my English!
my suggestion: make multiples, and then solder the like ends to make the proper amount, solder wires onto those ends, and plug it in. more speakers=more sound.<br/>
Sorry for so late but a fun thing. <br><br>I wanted volume so I pushed in 130 Watt in it! HAHAHA, it starded to smoke^^<br>But the volume was high.<br><br>The harddrive speakers can stand aboud 110 Watt:D
what u do is get 2 ppl, 1 person holds the HDD down and the other uses 2 pliers and grabs the metal on either side of the magnet and pulls up with all their might!
Korn (Y)<br />
mine only has three terminals :( witch do i use
&nbsp;yes it will work<br /> one is a ground and danymw just has a different hard drive<br /> test out each terminal with test leads<br /> youll find the two that work
&nbsp;it won't work
are you sure? i allmost smashed my fingers with it,and broked the hdd...when connecting the wires.i'll get another one
I had issues with mine also, did yours twist off, or slide off? it took me five minutes to realize that my WD drive magnet twists off, and my Seagate... doesn't<br />
&nbsp;i opened up about 10 hdd,all damaged or low memory space, but they were all different. rarely,the magnet just comes out,but usually you have to use a screw driver to remove the top magnet (after removing the screws). if you twist it, you'll hit the head or even the plates and damage the hdd,which i did once, and it's not good.&nbsp;<br /> good luck
It wont come up... help??<br />
I had the same issue with the arm, I think he forgot to mention that there is another screw on top, where you removed the screw to get the cover off. Mine happened to be an hexagonal screw that had another screw in it<br />
you may need a flat screwdriver to unscrew it
&nbsp;i was hoping you could make a turntable out of a HDD :D
I would not try to connect to the motor drive.. but only to the arm assembly.<br /> That should take care of burning amplifiers and sound inconsistencies.<br />
congratulations on making it on N4G.com!<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.n4g.com/industrynews/News-318009.aspx">http://www.n4g.com/industrynews/News-318009.aspx</a><br/>
WOW!! That's amazing! :D <br />

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