Hard Drive Speaker

In this instructable we turn a hard drive into a speaker. 
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Step 2: Disassemble the hard disc drive.

Picture of Disassemble the hard disc drive.
Disassemble the HDD.Use the T9 torx screw driver to remove the screws.Some of the screws are hidden under the label on top of the cover.

Step 3: Remove the magnet on the top.

Remove the magnet on the top. First remove the screw that holds it in place and lift the magnet out slowly.

Step 9: Completed.

The mod is complete. Connect the wires to your amp. Mine is 30w x 2 so that i can connect the spindle motor and the read/write head seperate and each of them gets 30w = 60w total.

Step 10: Play some music!

dakiller5465 years ago
mine only has three terminals :( witch do i use
 yes it will work
one is a ground and danymw just has a different hard drive
test out each terminal with test leads
youll find the two that work
 it won't work
GreenD5 years ago
But where does this wire end at? You have one from the head peice to your amp, and this one goes to where?
aouate35 years ago
i would use the outer most terminals, because it is a stepper motor, i would use the outer most terminals

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