I've developed a few uncomplicated systems that make nearly any upgrade seem achievable. This Instructable lays out these systems in the form of a Hard Drive upgrade.

Begin by backing up your current drive to the one you want to swap in.  That way there's no long evenings re-loading Gig's worth of applications and their serial numbers *shudder*

Then, look up the manufacturer of your machine, and look up the support files for your specific machine. Poke around a bit to see if there is a video that explains Hard Drive Swap. If the computer manufacturer doesn't host a short video on it, look for a hard drive vendor that does host hard drive swap info. When you find a vendor that has video instructions I recommend buying from this company. Be fair and support the companies that help you.

Try to find at least two different videos on your subject. Frequently there is better video on one and better spoken instructions on the other. It's just the way it works out *shrug* I dunno.

When you have your video instructions ready watch them repeatedly so that you nearly have it memorized. Make sure you understand any and all terminology and have all the necessary tools. If possible have another computer in a convenient distance (same house is best) so that you can refer to the video if you want. You might also consider downloading the video and burning it to a disc so you don't need to be concerned about connectivity. If possible have someone turn it into a DVD so that you can watch it on a big screen as you work.  (As an after thought, you might like to have your cell and the vendors tech service # handy just in case things go really wrong.  It's all about being ready for the unexpected.)
Put any four legged friends in another room behind a door, turn off the phones and lower the music volume. It's easier to concentrate then.

Work on a clean towel. This way dropped items don't bounce off the hard surface.
Arrange your tools by kind. All Philips screwdrivers are together, all Torx are together etc
Keep a good supply of Stickey pads or similar next to where the machine is.
Don't spread out all over the place. Keeping things together means they don't get scattered.
Only pick up one tool at a time and when done with it, put it back from where you got it.
NOTICE I live in a humid locale so STATIC isn't an issue for me. You should wear a grounding strap though. They cost about $2 but will save your $2500 laptop from being fried. You can cook electronics with a static charge so small you don't even feel it. It's that old Safe / Sorry thing.  Follow the instructions on the package of the strap.

Step 1: Loosen and Then Remove

When the screws are long enough and there are several of them alike, I'll loosen them all and then take them out one right after another that way I can keep track of how many I have moved.
Don't have a screw in your hand when trying to remove a second screw.  If you need to catch the second screw you'll drop the first one and the second will most likely disappear as well.
Be Methodical
I agree with previous authors. I fully support this idea.
what laptop are you using if it's a mac than don't bother putting mac os on it use windows7
No thanks. <br> I do a lot of web and audio/video work and use a lot of smaller volume apps so I really need a stable OS that rarely needs maintenance.<br>it's what's best for me. Your mileage may vary but I do 'preciate the thought.<br><br>
well it depends what you do if you play games and you use the iinternet a lot then you're better off with windows <br>bu
That may be true.&nbsp;<u>Wh</u>y would I be better of with Window's for gaming? &nbsp;What is the advantage? &nbsp;<br> I know nearly nothing about games except that they are written in C+.&nbsp;<br> I don't think I've <em>ever</em> played games on a computer. &nbsp;<br> *thinking*<br> Nope not even on that rocket fast Amiga (in 1988). &nbsp;<br> <br> I don't agree with the web surfing statement that Win7 is better. &nbsp;There are virtually no problems with security on a Mac. Also, HTML, Javascript, et al are platform independent so what would be the advantage there?<br> <br> thanks for your reply-<br> M<br> <br> &nbsp;
what i mean is that the majority of games are made by microsoft and run under windows operating system .With searching on the internet there are some websites that support only intenet explorer and firefox like imageshack
Ah, I see. <br>Well thanks for the info and since I have a Mac that can run both OSs, if I ever install Windows OS I'll have a look at gaming.<br>FWIW, we have a Wii and I've only used it for accessing Netflix so far. Family members seem to be determined to wear it out 8-D but for me, it's about the movies<br><br>Thanks again,<br>M
Stickies! <br> <br>That's a great way to stay organized. Good idea.

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