Introduction: Hard Tack Candy

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This Christmas, I am making hard tack candy for my dad. Here's how you can, too.

Step 1: The Ingredients

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2 Cups Sugar
2/3 Cups Corn Syrup
1/4 Cups Water
Oil Flavoring (Optional)
Food Coloring (Optional)

Step 2: Making It

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Mix corn syrup, water, and sugar. Boil on high heat until the mixture reaches 280*. If you want, now is the time to add oil flavoring and food coloring. Pour into mold of your choice, but work fast. Mixture hardens fast.

Step 3: Finishing It

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Let mixture sit until it hardens. You can break it by dropping it onto counter, punching it, ETC. Congratulations! You have just made hard tack candy.


DaleB68 made it! (author)2016-11-21

i made my first hard tack candy yay

Tgooden643 (author)2015-09-05

How much color and flavoring do you add? Scared I will add to much!

Xandergust (author)2013-01-18

Thanks for this. Looks like a nice easy recipe. What's the best way to store these? I want to make some for a party and was hoping to put a few of each flavor in a cellophane bag. Do they stick together, if they are not wrapped individually?

roll in powder sugar. Solves the sticky problem ASAP

My dad usually makes it every year, he always puts powder sugar on it, it doesn't stick together either way tho. We use generic ziplock bags for ours to store it.

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