This veil was made with an origami kusudama half ball fascinator made from Neil Gaiman's graphic novel 'The Kindly Ones'. 

This ball style was also used to make the white table decorations for my wedding and for the bouquets (using different sized flowers). 

- paper of choice
-guillotine (a steady hand, scissors and a ruler)
-glue gun
-veil netting
-rhinestone beading
-hair dryer


about 3 hours all up. It took me a little less time but I was pretty practised at folding the ball which is the most time consuming part.

Step 1: Step One: Making a Petal

The first step is to make each individual petal.
There are FIVE (5) petals in a flower and SIX (6) flowers in half/ball, or in the fascinator. 
The size of the squares you need is dependant on the size of the flower ball you want. For this fascinator, I used 5cm squares.
You will need THIRTY (30) squares. Obviously, you can use whatever paper style you want. 

Cut the squares and then begin the folding process. Use a mountainfold to make a triangle.

Fold the bottom points in to the top point to make a diamond shape. 

Fold the flaps into kite shapes and flatten. 

Fold the top of the kite so that it becomes a triangle shape. 

Fold the kites in half.

Roll the folded edges together. 

At this stage you can use any adhesive you like. I've used a glue gun for most of mine but I have also used a tape runner or double sided tape. which worked just as well. 
If you're unsure at this point, feel free the secured with a bobby pin or paper clip to have a look. 
Oh, this is gorgeous! It would make a great costume piece, or a daily wear for those that dress fan-say! Thanks for putting it up!
I love this! Where did you buy the netting?
Did you really cut up an issue of the Sandman for this? Couldn't find any Youngblood or X-Force or something?
Yes, I did actually. It was a very incredibly hard thing to do. I did, admittedly, pick this one up for $5 at a second hand book shop and it was one I already had but... It was for my wedding and it was the first one that my fiance ever purchased for me so it was special. <br><br>That said, I do not advocate doing it. At all.
Huh I guess that makes sense. Well, as long as you still have one to read it's ok.
So pretty :) <br>Love it!

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