Step 7: Done!

Picture of Done!
That's it. Congratulations, you are now finished.

Things that I learned from this project:

- Use a more expensive and better quality quartz movement from a clock or wood working shop.

- If the cheap quartz movement isn't working after you have it assembled then you may have the screw that keeps it all together way too tight. Loosen this up and keep an eye on it. If you have a second hand on your clock you will see it stick. Loosen it some more.

- I found another wood working shop outside of town that sold different type of clock hands. Much nicer looking ones. Problem is, that they only had one of each type.

- Test out the quartz movement as soon as you buy it. The very first clock that I made worked very well when I had it here at home. It was tilted against some books and it kept time. When it was hung up on the wall it didn't work so well.

Please check out my first clock that I made. It is a different configuration with the platters and spacer rings.

Treknology5 years ago
 Has a nice steam-punk look to it.