Hard Drive Shelf




Introduction: Hard Drive Shelf

I´ve found an old and broken hard drive, so i decided to do something with it, so i put to work my imagination and i finished with this shelf.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Materials and tools:

-Old hard drive.
-Those metal pieces (i got mines from those mecano kits)

Step 2: Prepare the Metal

With a pair of plyers I bended these pieces so that they match with the bottom part of the hard drive.

Step 3: Prepare the Hard Drive.

Now you have to get all the things of the inside of the hard drive, but you need to pay attention becouse there are useful things inside, such as magnets, the disc, and other parts that you may need in other projects.

Then you leave the one side-cnter screw.

Step 4: Mount the Shelf

Now you have all your materials, so go on and make some holes in the wall or your desk with your dremel and screw the metal pieces to them. Be shure the metal matches with the harde drive.
As the hard drive dont have holes that match with the pieces of metal you have two options:
make your self some or hot glue them.

Step 5: Enjoy It!!

When you make that you will have your very own hard drive shelf. Put wharever you want: money, pencils, etc... And thats it.

I hope you enjoy it, see you next time.



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