I was recently given a 2nd Generation Kindle but miss the book feel.  So naturally, I bought a decorative hardcover book and gutted it, replacing a single story with many.  

This guide is different from all the other guides I found primarily because I use only two elastic straps and have a latch.

Here's the materials list (in addition to the book and Kindle):

*Ribbon (I used the bookmark included in the hacked up book)
*Scotch tape
*Glue (Tacky Glue & hot glue)
*Thin craft foam pads
*Black acrylic paint
*Cool looking button with at least 2 holes (I used a four-hole button)
*Thin elastic straps
*Thin cardboard


*Leatherworking needle (or other thicker than normal needle that can go through cardboard without breaking but still fit through button holes)
*Metal thimble (to push the needle through the book)
*Thin paintbrush

Here's two pics of the final product below.  Now let's get started!

Step 1: Steps 1-3: Selection, Gut, & Sew

Step 1: Find a book that is the right size for your kindle, choose a matching button, and a matching ribbon.  Make sure the button is not completely flat on the bottom as you will need it to be slightly rounded in order to tie the ribbon around it when latching the cover later.

Step 2: Gut the book by cutting the pages out from the inside near the spine.  Be careful not to accidentally cut through the cover while doing this like I did.  Luckily for me, the cut was small and just added character to the cover.  You may not be so lucky.

Step 3: Select a spot of the cover where you may sew a button which will be used as a latch the close the cover.  Once the spot is selected, make sure when the cover closes the button will not be directly over the screen.  The reason for this is there will be a slight bump on the inside of the cover where the button is sewn on which could cause pressure on the screen over time.  
The cover will only be hard to go through with a needle on the first punctures.  Therefore, puncture the holes to align with the button first without thread.  Afterwards, double or triple knot the thread and sew the button on firmly.  

The images are of my gutted book with the button sewn on.
<strong>This is such a good idea.. It looks nice and has excellent quality to,, I like this soo much I think I am gonna make my husband make one for me =)</strong>
Nice, my father got a new kindle fire but he didn't get the cover and thought that it was too expensive for an original cover so he got himself a samsung galaxy tab cover from a local store and got a pouch for a mini laptop for my entourage edge, I'll try to make one for my edge and one for his kindle, two is always a bonus while one isn't enough 8D
I love it! :D I don't have a Kindle, but if I ever get one I would so do something like this for the cover.
Nice 'ible. My Kindle came with a cover but I'm going to make a cover for my daughter's ereader using this 'ible. <br> <br>Check out your local thrift store for used books. Somethimes your local Library will have several book sales during the year and you can buy a book for less than a dollar in most cases. <br>
This is a great idea. I was looking at the covers and couldn't bring myself to pay 30 bucks for one. This will be a good upgrade from my 6&quot;x9&quot; bubble mailer envelope.

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