This is a mini-guide on making your own hardcover book. I have never made a book previously, and so I was just documenting the steps I thought were important along the way. I made this book because I wanted a better option to display my portfolio in person, and I was unhappy with all of the options I kept coming across in stores - so it might provide some inspiration for other artists/designers!

Also, this is my first instructable set, so if there are any questions or critiques please let me know. Below are the items I used:

-Metal ruler
-Exacto Knife
-Book Tape (found at most art stores, got mine at DickBlick)
-Superblack illustration board (also from DickBlick)
-Bone Scorer (Martha Stewart sells a kit for about $25 that is surprisingly decent, find a coupon and it could be $12!)
-Cardstock, or standard paper sheets.
-Drill, and drillbit (0.25" = 1/4")
-Screwposts, sold at hardware stores or art stores
-Alphabetical impact stamps (optional)

Step 1:

Loose blank cardstock, roughly 7" x 12". I happened to have a surplus of this hanging around so I sized my book according to the stock, but of course you can use any size/stock that you feel is appropriate and will print well. I personally prefer the thicker sheets as it really adds some sophistication to the finished product, and I think that adds value to the viewer.
<p>Thank you!</p><p>I'm in a process of making my graphic design portfolio and I have made one online, but I wanted to make a physical one too - this is perfect! </p>
<p>I loved the look of your portfolio and the idea of use chicago screws to hold all the pages.</p>
<p>Very Cool Idea. I am going to try it some time for my photography portfolio.</p>

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