In an earlier instructable, a "No hard drive network" ( https://www.instructables.com/id/No-hard-drive-network/) was discussed. Now is time to carry that theme with a no hard disk web server.  Why you ask? In emergencies or in disaster situation, it may be imperative to get information out quickly. You will be able to set up a web server without disturbing an existing machine or where the hard drive has failed. For example: you web server hard drive(s) have failed and you do not want to have an empty site facing the public. You can use the no hard disk web server to keep your site up and let users know what is going on till repairs can be made. 

Note: Read the whole instructable through first. This instructable was mean for at least intermediate to advanced users. Please get a professional to help if you at all feel uncomfortable with doing any of this instructable. I will not be responcible for any issues. Also some thumb drives may not work with this set up. Try at your own risk.

Step 1: What Is Needed.

1 - Working computer running ubuntu to download software and create the image on the usb drive.
1 - Host computer with a usb port that can boot from the usb port..
1 - Usb drive large enough to hold all the files.

<p>Neat, if you want to add a memorable hostname for your webserver try out a Dynamic DNS provider. Some simple instructions to setup a cron job on Linux can be found here </p><p>https://now-dns.com/?p=clients</p>

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