Harddrive Coaster


Introduction: Harddrive Coaster

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You just replaced your laptop harddrive and wish you could do something useful with the bad drive? Make a interesting coaster to place under your drinks and impress your geek friends.

Step 1: Get Some Sticky Feet

Go to your local hardware store and get some self stick feet to put on the bottom of the harddrive. These will protect your nice table from scratches and keep hot or cold conduction to your table top. I got these from Dale Hardware. They are about 1/8 inch high.

Step 2: Stickem Down

Peel them off and attach on the bottom corners of the hard drive.

Step 3: Done

You now have a really neat coaster! Use it.



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    31 Discussions

    Well that is one expensive coaster! :)

    Great last minute present for a computer geek 

    Yes now i know what to do with my HDD, and my floppies, and laptop, and monitors, and dog when theyre all dead. COASTERS! ...-_-

    Got to be careful with these drives, if you plan to use the platters for some other project, cos all of the 2.5" drives I have dismantles have had glass (or something similar) platters, the first one I thought I could bend the platter up to access the head underneath, and it exploded!!! Next one was when I dropped a drive, and the platters shattered inside the case, and subsequent drives I just broke them just for the heck of it... :) All drives were dead of course... :)

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    No idea, presumably in the 90s when laptops were developing and they wanted to reduce power consumption or something... :)

    old floppy disks make better coasters because you can rip them in half and they have fabric on the inside that absorbs the moisture. probably would work better if you glued a bunch of them together

    Uhuhhh. Well ok. Say, how big is that had, I'm looking for a new one for my toshiba satellite 2520cds.

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    Sigh, you're just as bad as my friend. What is it's capacity

    Well if you pull the platters and the read write head out with the magnets, then you could put about 2-3 ounces of sand in it and make a cool desktop rock garden. :)

    Or clay (ok, plastic) pigeons to practice your aim, maybe with a homemade coil gun.

    Hmm, I took out an old hard drive from an old IBM and after taking the hard drive apart, that side of it has a padding on it already, interesting...

    You could, in theory, make a hi-speed HDD drinks stirrer. Make a magnetic coupler and stir away!