Harddrive Repurposing and Relocation Initiative

Picture of Harddrive Repurposing and Relocation Initiative
80GB of harddrive isn't much these days, even in a laptop.
So, it was time for an upgrade(1/2TB fit nicely).

The down side being, now I had a 2.5" Harddrive, with no laptop to use it.
With 256GB thumbdrives, and multi-terabyte external harddrives... these was no reason to put this in a case, as an external.

So what to do?
Increase desktop storage.
But 2.5" drives don't fit in normal desktop cases.
So here's how I fix-d-it.
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Step 1: Get your Stuff together

Picture of Get your Stuff together
First, get yourself one of these pretty, hopefully free 2.5" sata harddrive.
Next, grab a broken 3.5" harddrive. Any capacity will work. Ide(pata), Sata, Scsi even MFM will work.
I used an old IDE Seagate that had developed terminal errors.

Step 2: Dissassemble The 3.5" Drive

Picture of Dissassemble The 3.5
2010-06-08 00.26.54.jpg
2010-06-08 00.31.25.jpg
2010-06-08 00.32.19.jpg
Each drive will be different, in little ways, but most follow these general steps.

If my pictures don't work for you, there are plenty of 'ibles explaining the process :-)

Step 3: Blueprint or Kludge. The choice is yours.

Picture of Blueprint or Kludge. The choice is yours.
2010-06-09 19.37.14.jpg
Now that you have the bare aluminum drive porting, you can either measure and layout the hole pattern from a pattern/blueprint, or Kludge through like I did.

Step 4: My Kludge Layout

Picture of My Kludge Layout
2010-06-09 19.37.23.jpg
2010-06-09 19.38.47.jpg
Paper, pencil and Sharpie. Simple.

Step 5: Drilling

Picture of Drilling
2010-06-09 20.10.05.jpg
When drilling the holes, make them slightly oversized.
This allows for a little bit of fudging, if you don't drill exactly center.
Keeps the screws from binding.

Step 6: Mounting and Installing

Picture of Mounting and Installing
2010-06-09 20.19.26.jpg
2010-06-09 20.24.20.jpg
8 screws and some cables later, and you're done!

Step 7: Final Thoughts and Future Edits

Some 3.5" HDD's don't have that nice flat surface to mount to.