Picture of Costume: LED Helmet With Animations

This is my cheap (about $30) and cheerful LED helmet, which is loosely based on the Daft Punk Helmets as seen in " Something About Us" music video.

The black box seen on the end of a grey wire contains an Arduino, lo and behold. The grey wire, I call the embilical cord, has it has 9 important sub-wires inside.

It uses 160 LEDs and any 2 LED's can be individualy lit up, as one side is the duplicate of the other.

I would like the thank Syst3mX for Major help with the code and for his instructable he posted :


Which I used and modified to get the screen bigger.

Djandco3 years ago

any chance of seeing what code you used please?

Kind regards

nicotrial4 years ago
this would look very cool if the glass was tinted!!
Ghildx4 years ago
I want have skill on LED like you , but i am do not know how to start ...
eXtremeSomething (author) 4 years ago
Hi, if you like it please vote for it in the led contest around the 19 june -Thank you
Win Guy4 years ago
This is awesome! I love those people!
Win Guy
Red LEDs would look almost scary.
eXtremeSomething (author)  Awesome-aniac4 years ago
yeah right, but I'm afraid its not something thats easily changed is it :P
crapflinger4 years ago
can't watch your video in the US for some reason
eXtremeSomething (author)  crapflinger4 years ago
You should be able to see it now, if not please let me know
can you see through that man
yeah, just. there are many small holes in the strip board so i can just see where im going.
that is soooo cool man i'm so going to make this
You will need a shite load of solder .... oh and patience
hopefully i wont go crazy