Picture of Hardest classroom slingshot ammo ever!
So yeah I'm going to teach you how to make the hardest ammo ever for your rubberband slingshot. This hurts, so be careful. And bear with me please, this is my first instructable.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Regular exercise book,
A working brain.
First, get a regular size exercise book. But, the bigger the better. Some types of paper wouldn't work, so it's better not to use counter books.

Step 2: Cut...

Picture of Cut...
Tear about an inch off the edge of the length of the page.

Step 3: Roll...

Picture of Roll...
Roll it up till about half the length... then flatten it.

Step 4: Folding...

Picture of Folding...
Then fold the flat part in half... as many times as possible. I managed two, which is usually the max.

Step 5: More rolling...

Picture of More rolling...
Then roll up the rest of it.

Step 6: Ready the cannons and...

Picture of Ready the cannons and...
Now fold it in half... It might be really hard so you can use a tabletop to help... Aand your'e done!

Step 7: SHOOT!

Picture of SHOOT!

Just added this step in case someone stumbled onto this without knowing how to use it. Just use your fingers as a slingshot. This can be really painful, so be careful!

EDIT: I made this instructable a few years ago as a ( still pretty immature ) 14 year old, so forgive me for the terrible pics and confusing language XD

kelseymh2 years ago
Hey! Put that down; somebody's going to lose an eye with that thing. :-D

Not too bad for a first I'ble. Good spelling and punctuation, with just a couple of typos. A few of the pictures could use a bit of practice on macro photography, but overall they're clear enough to see what you're doing.

Welcome to Instructables!